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Are you tired of feeling like, your voice isn't being heard? Do you want to be a part of a movement dedicated to restoring the values that made America great? Look no further than "Restoring American's Values". "The People's Voice"! Our mission is to inspire and educate the American electorate through insightful information. Join us in promoting the values that have made America the land of the free and home of the brave. Together, we can make a difference and restore the America we love. We seek to educate about the actual shortcomings of the socialistic versus democratic republic form of government.

We share our research about the candidates running for national office and other political engagement initiatives to assess the stance of each candidate on the issues of our charter.


“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”

– John F. Kennedy

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If we ever forget that we’re a nation under God, Then we will be a nation gone under”

– Ronald Reagan

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Alexander Hamilton Founding father and prominent author of The Federalist Papers

Only when you cast your vote do you fulfill your Christian responsibility in government. Exercise the influence that God has given you through our unique system of self-government. If you fail to vote conscientiously for godly rule, evil will increase in our nation. “When rulers are wicked, their people are too” (Proverbs 29:16). Our nation will then bear the consequences of our choices. “You will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the Lord will not answer you in that day” (1 Samuel 8:18, NIV).

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Thomas Jefferson 3rd President

The rational and peaceable instrument of reform, the suffrage (votes) of the people.

A share in the sovereignty of the state, which is exercised by the citizens at large, in voting at elections is one of the most important rights of the subject, and in a republic ought to stand foremost in the estimation of the law.

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John Jay

John Jay (December 12, 1745[a] – May 17, 1829) was an American statesman, patriot, diplomat, abolitionist, signatory of the Treaty of Paris, and a Founding Father of the United States. He served as the second governor of New York and the first chief justice of the United States. He directed U.S. foreign policy for much of the 1780s and was an important leader of the Federalist Party after the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1788.

Federalist Papers

After the American Revolution, Jay believed in a stronger central government than that created by the Articles of the Confederation, the first constitution of the United States.

Jay, along with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, wrote a series of essays under the pseudonym “Publius” in 1787 and 1788 promoting the ratification of a new U.S. Constitution.

Later collected into a publication known as the Federalist Papers, they argued for a system that would create an effective federal government to act in the national interest while also preserving some power for the States.

The essays were very influential and helped to shape the U.S. Constitution as we know it today

image of James Madison

James Madison

James Madison (March 16, 1751[b] – June 28, 1836) was an American statesman, diplomat, and Founding Father who served as the fourth president of the United States from 1809 to 1817. Madison is hailed as the “Father of the Constitution” for his pivotal role in drafting and promoting the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

Three Presidents, three statements


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"When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for predudice. The bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity. We must speak out minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity."

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"We are five days away from fundamentally changing America."

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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

The Message

We have seen that the Biden Administration tends to finalize its plans on ‘Fundamentally changing America”. You must, however, indulge in different political engagement initiatives to know more. You have to ask yourself whether or not you want to live on the ideology of ‘Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness’. Our campaign awareness 2024 program provides a detailed analysis of each candidate and headlines. Restoring American Values seeks to become the 2024 election information hub for all. Check out our 2024 election merchandise and donate to promote civic education for all Americans to preach the TRUTH!

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Providing the 2024 Election Education All-on-One Platform

We have conducted various programs on the ‘vote2024 campaign election’ segments to ensure the Americans of the present realize their true worth and know that each vote counts. We aim to not only provide the most updated news but also guide the people through voter surveys for election priorities and create a tribune for political engagement initiatives.

Presidential Election Insights

As Calvin Coolidge said, “Character is the only secure foundation of the state.” Each American needs to know the individual leading their state. In order to provide a detailed, in-depth analysis of each participant running for national office, Restoring American Values looks towards a firm campaign awareness 2024 program, providing the truth to everyone.

Be the Ideal American

This country has allowed so much opportunity for you, it seeks your help now! Your justice towards the soil of this nation will not be forgotten. Do you ever think about what makes this country the greatest? It is the people! This is how you can help the nation and its people;

  • Fundraising for Campaign Education: Help us through this journey of a battle against a leftist agenda. The campaign awareness 2024 program will promote our mission towards the betterment of you and the next generations of America.
  • 2024 Campaign Polling: Be a part of the program to help your loved ones know more about the righteous path! Donate to promote civic education, supporting us while we express what is right.
  • Election Year Civic Engagement: Creating a 2024 election information hub for all users to engage in, with insightful information about statistics, insights, and opinions from Americans all over the country.

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